Thursday, November 11, 2010

Audio Books

Today, I had a great idea.

I was in the library looking at books, and I noticed the audio book section. And I thought: what if I listened to a book while I was working out?!!

I have recently started working out, and my biggest problem with it is that working out for a long period of time can get extremely boring. And I thought that an audio book would help solve my problem! I could put it on my phone and listen to it while on the elliptical. It's a perfect solution :)

Howeverrr I put it in my CD drive and... it turns out my CD drive is broken. I thought it might just be that Audio Books are different than regular CDs, but that is not the case... I tried one of my regular CDs and that didn't work either.

*sigh* And so now there goes my perfect plan.

Anyways, what are YOUR opinions on audio books??

1 comment:

  1. Try downloading them from your local library or itunes (that could get expensive)or you could hit it old school and use a discman. I've recently decided that I'd much rather listen to a book then music while working out, and it works great.