Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deception Point

Deception Point
Dan Brown
December 2001
Reading Level: Adult


When a new NASA satellite detects evidence of an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory...a victory that has profound implications for U.S. space policy and the impending presidential election. With the Oval Office in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton to the Arctic to verify the authenticity of the find. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic academic Michael Tolland, Rachel uncovers the unthinkable - evidence of scientific trickery - a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy...

This book had me riveted from the very start. This book was a complete page-turner, and I absolutely could not put it down.

After reading The Da Vinci Code, I was convinced that Dan Brown's books were just not for me. However, one of my friends (who is a huge Dan Brown fan) assured me that most fans of his think that The Da Vinci Code is his worst book. That, combined with the fact that reading materials were sparse during my study abroad trip, convinced me to read Deception Point.

I am SO GLAD I did. As I've already said, the book was riveting. I enjoyed every moment of it, and I couldn't wait to find out what was going on. The suspense was insane, and it was all just so incredibly interesting that I couldn't help but fall in love with the story and the characters.

However, the book is not without flaws. The one thing that bothered me is the complete impossibility of it all. I wasn't even halfway through the book when I came across the first instance of utter ridiculousness, and many times throughout the book I said to myself, "That is impossible, she should be dead." Rachel just seems to get out of every horrible life-threatening situation without a scratch, and after awhile it just seemed to get a little bit silly.

Still, if you're a fan of fast-paced thrillers, and are not too picky about little technical details, then I would pick this up. Also, if you hated The Da Vinci Code, you might like this novel better. I would say that it's a great book just to pass the time, and it offers something unique and fun that you don't find in a lot of novels (or at least, not novels that I've read).

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