Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Goals

I have always been a busy reader. However, in the recent months I've been slacking.

I'm hoping to pick up my slack this summer.

I have 72 books on my shelf that I haven't read yet.

My goal is to read at least 20 of those. It doesn't sound like much, but for me, it's going to be an interesting challenge.

So, my summer goal: read at least 20 of the books currently on my shelf, and at least 30 total.

This is where I will keep track and document my progress.

1. Love You Hate You Miss You
2. Shrinking Violet
3. Some Girls Are
4. Unwind
5. An Abundance of Katherines
6. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
7. Almost to Die For
8. How Starbucks Saved My Life
9. Shiver
10. Linger
11. The Unwritten Rule


  1. Good luck on reaching your goal. I really need to set a goal for myself but I always seem to forget about them. =]

  2. I never really forget about my goals... I just never work very hard to get them accomplished. :)


  3. That's a wonderful goal. I hope you reach it :)