Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Strangers Outside: Short Story Review

I decided to try something new when I started reading the story The Strangers Outside. For one thing, I don't usually read short stories, and for another, I don't usually read horror stories. So this was an entirely new experience, and one that I'd like to share with ya'll.

The beginning of this story could easily mislead someone... it could have went in an entirely different direction. Instead of being a horror story, this could have been... well, perhaps a romance. Or a story about two sisters.

But then you can tell that it most definitely is a horror story. Because there are creepy stalker guys. Nothing is more chilling than a group of robed, dark figures lurking about a cottage.

It all gets scarier from there. The creepy figures multiply and soon both girls in the cottage are afraid for their lives. The suspense is overwhelming. I had to know what was going to happen... and eventually I did. I have to say, the conclusion was a bit disappointing, and I wish I could learn a bit more. However, I was still satisfied. This was a decent start-off story for a non-thriller reader like myself, and for anyone else looking for a short story to read for Halloween.

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