Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

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Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition
*Pink=female. Blue=male. Sorry guys. :)*

1. Jennifer Banash. She wrote The Elite series, which was actually a really good series about the upper class. I thought it would be very Gossip Girl-y, but I really enjoyed it. She hasn't written a fourth novel, and I'm assuming that's because the first three didn't sell as many as they should have. :(

2. Stephanie Kuehnert. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia- both extremely heart-felt badass books that will make you think. Lovelovelove.

3. Celia Rees. I don't think she gets enough credit for Witch Child and Sorceress, which I absolutely adored. But I have to say the best of hers that I've read is Pirates! Everyone should read at least one of these books. [[On second thought, there are quite a few Amazon reviews for these... so I know they're popular. But they should be even more well-known.]]

4. Michael Morpurgo. Okay, okay... so he writes more middle grade, I suppose. But as far as young adult goes, Private Peaceful is an incredible book... and it seems like I'm the only one I know who has read it. And you may think, "Oh, just a stupid war book..." like I did, but you will be wayyyy wrong.

5. Jodi Lynn Anderson. Peaches. The Secrets of Peaches. Love and Peaches. True Excellence.

6. Ellen Wittlinger. Okay, so she's popular. But in everyday conversation, I have yet to find someone who has experienced the awesomeness that is Hard Love. In fact, I didn't appreciate it at all when I first read it... it took me awhile, but now I see it for how artistic and wonderful it really is.

7. Cherry Cheva. She's one that's truly missing out on the fame she deserves. First of all, her books are hilarious. They'd have to be, coming from somebody who writes for Family Guy. Second of all... they're just good. Go pick them up.

8. Jordan Sonnenblick. This guy writes such touching stories (although I must admit, I've only read one of them...) It's a miracle he's not famous like Chris Crutcher or something.

9. Melissa Walker. Violet on the Runway, and the sequels. Such a shame there's not a fourth novel. [[Btw, when you see "model" don't think "fake"- think "real" because that's what Violet is :)]] Although I'm pleased to see that she has a new novel in hardcover scheduled to publish in July. I'll definitely be picking that up.

10. Laura Wiess. I suppose she is popular, but not nearly as popular as she should be. Such a Pretty Girl was such an incredible book, and Leftovers was even better- so real, honest, and perfect.

Yeah, so I know the list isn't really the best- there are some more well-known authors, but I know that even if they are more well-known they deserve even more attention than they get.

Also, I would highly recommend these books/authors... so if you're considering buying one of them, you should DEFINITELY go for it. Also, you should click some links if you're even the slightest bit curious. I know I don't have any pictures or anything, but definitely snoop around :)


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  1. Fantastic post -- tragically these authors are all new to me so I'm so glad you've highlighted them. Investigating now -- and adding to my TBR! :)