Friday, March 16, 2012

Girlfriend Material

Girlfriend Material
Melissa Kantor
May 2009
Reading Level: YA

If Kate were Lady Brett Ashley, the devastating heroine of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, she'd spend her summers careering around the Riviera in her coupe, breaking hearts by the dozen—because why not? In reality, Kate's never even had a boyfriend, and she'll be spending the summer abetting her mom's lame ploy to make her dad jealous: running off to Cape Cod and crashing at the seaside home of her wealthy friends, the Cooper-Melnicks. To add to the shame, the Cooper-Melnicks' gorgeous daughter Sarah is a bit like Lady Brett, and she seems less than thrilled to hang out with her new houseguest. Any dreams Kate once had of a perfect summer are ruined.

That is, until Sarah's cute, witty friend Adam starts drawing Kate into the fold—and seems intrigued. With Adam around, Kate feels like she just might have a bit of heartbreaker potential after all. But when a breezy summer romance quickly grows more complicated can Kate keep pretending her relationship with Adam is just a carefree fling? Or will she take the risk and tell him her real feelings? Suddenly Kate is asking herself a question she never thought she'd stoop to: Is she girlfriend material?

There are a few simple words to describe this book: cute, fun, quick, enjoyable, and summer-y. All of these apply, and so if you're looking for something that qualifies for any or all of these adjectives, then I would definitely recommend Girlfriend Material.

The book is incredibly short and easy to get through, and there's not a whole lot going on as far as intense reading. That's why it's so hard to write this review, because there's nothing to really analyze. It was just a lot of fun to read. I liked Kate, I liked Adam, I liked the story and the way that Kate's relationships with those around her got solved and worked through, and I thought it was really cute and romantic. If you've read any of Melissa Kantor's books and liked them, I'd definitely recommend this book. And even if you haven't, it's the perfect beach read.

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