Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ashamed of Twilight?

Earlier this week I stumbled upon this post, which to sum it up basically says that there is nothing wrong with being a Twilight lover, and that despite the fact that Twilight may not be the best book ever written, it definitely can be considered an important piece of literature simply because of what it has done for reluctant readers.

I wanted first and foremost to bring attention to that post, simply because it is true. My case in point:

1. A very good friend of mine never read a book in her life. Until Twilight. Now, she's a bigger reader than I am.

2. Here is an anecdote from a discussion we had in my English 241 class. We all had to go around and introduce ourselves, and part of that introduction was saying our favorite books. A lot of the students named their favorite books and they weren't anything that I've heard of. And then I come along and despite being embarrassed, I had to give credit to my favorite YA author of all time, Sarah Dessen, and also The Hunger Games trilogy. Then, there was a girl a few seats away who said, "I know it sounds shallow, but I also love Twilight..."

Which just sort of reinforces what Alison said in her post, about people being ashamed of liking Twilight.

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

Please read Alison's post if you agree with this. It really has a strong message that readers everywhere should be aware of.



  1. nice post. i understand the idea of being ashamed of what you read, but i agree that you shouldn't. then don't have to announce it to the class if you don't want to either. But YA books are great. And for Twilight, it really is great for getting people to read.

    -Let's Get Beyond Tolerance

  2. I love this post! Thanks for writing it. :) I am a new follower.

    Andrea @ Reading Lark

  3. I completely agree. Thanks for bring this issue and Alison's post to my attention. I think we definitely need to stand up for what we like to read. If one person gets enjoyment out of it and it means something to them then it's a great book in my opinion.