Saturday, July 3, 2010

Interview with Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott is a fantastic author, one of my absolute favorites, and that is why I chose her to be the first person I interviewed on my new blog. It took just a bit of courage to email her (what if she said no?!) but I'm glad I did.

A little background for anyone who may be interested, she has written eight books, dealing with some fluffy fun stuff like teen love, and going as dark and depressing as child abduction and captivity.

Her newest book, Grace, will be released on September 16th.

Now, onto the interview!

On Other Authors:

1. If you could compare your writing to any other author’s, who would you compare it to and why?
I think everyone's writing is unique and that's what makes reading books so much fun!
2. Who are some authors that you look up to or admire?
Too many to list!
3. If you could talk to any author, living or dead, who would it be and what would be one question that you ask him or her?
I have no idea! I have so many books I've read and loved that I could never pick one author to ask a question. I'd want to talk to all of them :-)
On your books/characters:

4. If you could have lunch with any of your characters, which would it be and why?
Not a single one. I can't read my own writing, so I definitely don't want to go to lunch with any of my characters!
5. Are any of your characters’ more funny/embarrassing experiences related to things that have happened in your own life?
Nope. I like making stuff up--for me, it's the best part about writing--you get paid to tell stories! Also, I'm very boring. (You've seen my answers!!)
6. If you could choose any one of your books to be required reading for a high school class, which would it be and why?
I have no idea. What do you--yep, you, reading this--think it should be?
On writing:

7. Is there a type of book that you’ve always wanted to write, but never had the guts to do?
Nope. I write what I want to write. If you don't believe in your own writing, then how in the world are your readers going to? Being afraid of the stories in your own head strikes me as strange. They're there for a reason--let them out!
8. What is your favorite part about being an established writer?
I don't know how established I am, but my favorite part of writing, other than the writing, is hearing from readers. I LOVE that!
9. Has writing always been your dream profession? (If yes, how was that dream realized? If no, what was your previous dream and why hasn’t it been fulfilled?)
No, it hasn't--I didn't start writing until I was 27 and bored out of my mind during a meeting at work. Before then, I went out of my way to avoid anything that had "creative writing" in it because I just didn't think I was creative. Writing, for me, was something I fell into--and I'm so glad I did!

My real dream job is to be paid to read books. If anyone out there has a lot of money for such a thing, get in touch with me! ;-)
Many thanks to Elizabeth Scott for agreeing to this interview! For more information on her or or her books, please visit the following links!

Elizabeth Scott's Website
Bloom (2007) / Perfect You (2008) / Stealing Heaven (2008) / Living Dead Girl (2008) / Something, Maybe (2009) / Love You Hate You Miss You (2009) / The Unwritten Rule (2010) / Grace (September 2010)


  1. Great interview! I love Elizabeth Scott. I'd totally love to have lunch with Evan from Bloom or Will from Perfect You haha.;)

  2. Loved the interview , oh and if I could I'd either have lunch with Will from Perfect You or Finn from Something, Maybe.
    I'm not sure what to choose on having one of her books in class, maybe Living Dead Girl or the upcoming Grace? I'd like to have her real dream job also, I would love to do that!