Sunday, August 8, 2010

How Starbucks Saved My Life

I had very few expectations for this book when I started it. What I expected was this: a simple book about a guy's experience working at a Starbucks.

This book was exactly that. This book is written about the author's own experiences: he started out his life as a very upper-class, snobby white man. Throughout the course of the book, he changed his views on life. He faces his racism issues, and he learns to accept the lower class by becoming one of them.

I have to say, I wasn't terribly inspired by this book. I wasn't fond of Gill to begin with, and while I'm glad he learned a few truths about life, I still don't think that the story held much of an emotional impact.

I also didn't appreciate the name dropping. The purpose was possibly to emphasize just how important Gill and his family were, but I got sick of hearing about "that one time with the Queen of England" or "when I met Frank Sinatra". Those are interesting life experiences, but it annoyed me and I didn't feel like the experiences contributed a whole lot to the story.

Overall, this book was just okay- my college could have picked a book far worse to make the freshman read. But I don't think I've learned any valuable life lessons or anything.

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  1. It doesnt sound like a really good read, but I do love Starbucks. Especially there Mango Passion Fruit. Love that. :) I really enjoyed reading your honest review about this book.