Saturday, August 21, 2010


Vlogging is a very cool and awesome thing that a lot of bloggers are doing. However, I'm very nervous to start trying it for a variety of reasons.

1. I don't have a webcam. Is that how most vlogs are made? Is it possible to use a regular digital camera on the video setting??

2. I'm shy. Not really with other bloggers, but my biggest problem is that I'm afraid that someone will walk in on me. Will my new roommate thing I'm a weirdo for talking to a camera? Will someone hear me talking to myself through the paper-thin walls? Is this a problem anyone else has/had?

That's really about it. But I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions about vlogging in general. I might start doing a couple vlogs every once in awhile, or I might just stick with plain old blogs.



  1. I use my regular digital camara! It's sucky and doesn't even play back the sound until you upload the video, but it works! And I have the same problem as you worrying about other people. I try to do mine when I know that no one is going to be be around for a while. I love doing vlogs, and I recommend it, but if you don't feel comfortable then don't!

  2. I totally agree with you on this...I've never actually done it yet! I'm not shy online but in person, I'm a lot different! I might do one eventually, and I would follower The Library Lurker's advice- do it when you're pretty sure no one else is around!

  3. I definitely agree w/ Ava & Library Lurker--try to do it when you know no one will burst in on you!
    I started doing vlogs for in my mailbox and it's worked out pretty well so far; I just use my little webcam and the resolution isn't brilliant, but it gets the job done.
    The first time I recorded a video blog it did feel a little odd talking to a little camera, but I realized it's almost like doing a video chat, which helped me relax a bit :)